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Welcome to Bokförlaget Forum!

A publishing house has been founded!

In 1944 you could read the news in the trade magazine Svensk Bokhandel. The initiator was the legendary publisher Adam Helms. The name of the new publishing house – Forum – formed associations with ancient history and the ambition was to publish ‘a classic imprint’, in addition to popular non-fiction and translated fiction.

We now publish about 125 new titles a year – Swedish and translated fiction and non-fiction. 

Our list reflects a wide range of titles: literary novels, light reading, crime fiction, biographies, documentaries, DIY-titles, handbooks and highly illustrated books (for example The Guinness Book of Records). 

We are the leading publisher of translated fiction in Sweden. Among several others you will find Monica Ali, Karen Armstrong, André Brink, Harlan Coben, Karin Fossum, Robert Harris, Nick Hornby, Doris Lessing, Toni Morrison,  Annie Proulx, Anne B Ragde. 

In the last couple of years Bokförlaget Forum has established a strong Swedish list with Stefan Ahnhem, Simona Ahrnstedt, Fredrik Backman, Stefan Einhorn, Maria Ernestam, Catharina Ingelman-Sundberg, Mons Kallentoft, Camilla Läckberg, Olof Röhlander, Viveca Sten and Mia Törnblom, among others.

If you are interested in buying foreign and film/tv rights please contact Bonnier Rights that represents most of our Swedish authors.

  • Bokförlaget Forum AB
  • Box 3159
  • 103 63 Stockholm
  • Besöksadress: Sveavägen 56
  • Telefon: 08-696 84 40